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По умолчанию Law on Archives in English

Occasionally foreign colleagues ask for the English translations of the Russian archival legislation. One possible solution is described below.

Repeat the following in your browser (Internet Explorer is preferable):
  1. Load the page http://www.garant.ru/english/online.htm
    (this is English-language version of well-known Russian "Garant" law system)
  2. Load free online demo by clicking "Connect" button. If asked to accept Active-X control, accept it.
  3. Grey menu window will appear over the main panel. Press "by Details" button (to the right)
  4. In the "Number" field (4-th line - the one below Division/Subject button) enter: 125-FZ
    Press OK button (lower-left corner of the same panel). When asked "Create a list" - Press "Yes"
  5. In this example, you should get a list of some 6 laws. Double-click on the one you need (the second one).

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